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General Contractors using Consumer Electronic Reviews are our specialty! Emma Watson Source is your go to for all things technology and business! We take a look at General Contractors in the Fayetteville NC area who use consumer electronics to conduct their everyday business.

General Contractors in Fayetteville NC using consumer electronics to conduct everyday business

As defined by wikipedia, Consumer Electronics are electrical equipment that are intended for everyday use. Consumer electronics are everywhere! They are being used as entertainment and communication devices, however you can also see those as devices for productivity purposes also. Regardless how it is used, they are here to stay! The consumer electronics industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and you can tell just by walking down the street. Everywhere you go, you see electronics. Just walking down the street, you see smart phones in peoples hands and going to the coffee shop, you can connect to wifi and your frappuccino is blended in some form of technology. Basically the point is, there are a ton of electronics, and there are new ones coming out almost everyday. That’s where Emma Watson Source comes in; we give you the scoop on what we think about the products as well as our thoughts on how to use them most effectively in a business setting.

The General Contracting and construction industry has had to shift with the times integrate technology into their workflow. We review the most common (and hopefully exciting) technology setups that are essential to the existence and function of these businesses. Even if they aren’t a must for the business to function and operate, it is technology that assists in increase productivity and sales! This industry is being turned upside down because of electronics and technology in the construction industry. A small business that is taking advantage of technology is South Eastern General Contractors. They are a custom home builder in Fayetteville NC. They are looking to integrate a device into their work flow which takes 3D footage of a home, allowing a client to walk through their home during the construction process and see what needs to be changed or what the client approves of. This device is called the MatterPort. Another small business that takes full advantage of technology installs vinyl siding, windows, sunrooms, gutters, and roofing in Fayetteville NC as well. All their computers, tablets, and smart phones are Apple products, which are great for a business like this because everything integrates together seamlessly because of Mac OSX for the computers and IOS for the mobile devices. Cool Air performs services related to heating and air in Fayetteville NC. Cool Air installers and technicians utilize a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to keep track of all their clients, services, and invoices synced throughout the company.  Businesses such as these use technology that integrate well for them and this is what Emma Watson Source is here to tell you about!